I volteggi del cuoreDirected by Giulio Base
A pair of figure skaters have a accident while rehearsing: the young woman is seriously injured. Suspicions fall at first on a maintenance worker at the ice skating rink, and then on one of the event's competitors. Don Matteo will uncover the intrigues and the passions that hide behind the skaters in the competition.

Delitto in DirettaDirected by Andrea Barzini
Paco, a young rebellious DJ on a small private radio station, is killed while on the air. The investigation focuses, at first, on the owner of the station who had tried to use Paco for his own aims, then on the members of an up-and-coming rock band, the Crysis, who were discovered by, but were also frustrated with, the DJ. It will be Don Matteo who will, while filling in as a radio personality, discover the truth about Paco and the whole story.

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