This year at the Masone cinema "they still called him Trinity", was shown, naturally....original pizza!

At the entrance of the cinema there was a display of materials from the site. In the photo: the webmaster with Enrico, one of the organizers of Masone and our helper Ariano assists Enrico with the display.

The walls of the enormous cinema were completely covered with posters...

and in a corner a scene inspired by the film was created.

Naturally it was essential that Trinity be present, portrayed by Guido.

The cinema was full with close to 200 people. Before the start of the film, a historical film was shown, that was shot on the set of "They called him Trinity".

The webmaster then welcomed everyone and wished all a pleasant evening, including best wishes from Terence Hill.

Then the magician Gabriele Gentile took the stage, trained by the great Tony Binarelli. He acted as a double for Terence in Trinity and in other films.

Finally the film began on the giant screen. From that moment onwards there was much laughter: 200 fans let loose with endless laughter and applauded the witty humour, the atmosphere was unique!

During the intermission a prize was awarded to the 1000th fan registered on the site's fan club, Simone from Lodi, he received, a Puffin Tshirt, a poster and an autograph.

In memory of the evening, the organisation awarded the webmaster 2 beautiful plaques, one in honour of the site and the other for Terence Hill.

At the end of the film, everyone stood for an applause, it was thunderous! Afterwhich everyone gathered in an adjoining room where they found waiting steamy, delicious beans!

During the meal the magician Gabriele Gentile displayed his great talent with cards, his collaborator Daniele, played theme songs on his guitar, and the three winners of the Bud and Terence Hill questionnaire were awarded a T shirt and an autograph.
The event was filmed by a local Masone television crew and some interviews were conducted.

Best wishes to the site and it's staff and bye till next year!

Terence gets his plaque.
Mission complete!