Rapolano Terme
"Goccia d'oro" awards for volunteers
June 19, 2004

The event, organized by the "Misericordia" of Rapolano Terme, took place in Piazza Matteotti, the town's main square.

At 18.00 (6 p.m.), Terence arrived and participated in the mass that was celebrated by Monsignor Gualtiero Bassetti, the Bishop of Arezzo.

After the mass, the award ceremony began, but first there was a pause to prepare the stage, which allowed many people to greet Terence and, of course, ask for an autograph!

Lots of people were presented with awards, all of them united in their generous support for good causes and volunteer work.

This year the "Goccia d'Oro" award was dedicated to the problems faced by the handicapped, and also awarded the prize was Doctor Fulvio Frisone, the scientist from the University of Messina, famous all over the world for his studies of cold fusion.
Terence was very happy to get to meet him.

The award part of the festivities was quite long, and between one award and another, we were entertained by the music and beautiful voices of the band "Ladri di carrozzelle".

At the end of the event came the time for Terence to go up on the stage...

...and receive his award!

Actually, it was two awards, since he received one from the "Carabinieri", awarded to him by General Virgilio Chirieleison.

After a quick interview with RaiTre...

Terence visited the headquarters of the Misericordia, then he said a last good-bye to all the fans who came, and we took that moment to give him the latest entries in the Guestbook. Good-bye Terence!

The beautiful evening ended with a meal in the streets for everyone.

Finally, a thank you to everyone from the fans-club who participated, from Palermo!