The actor ex-swimmer

Bud Spencer: "Yes, Bobo as me"

"A comparison that can be done: I played as forward in the italian team of water polo" is the first funny comment of Carlo Pedersoli, better known as Bud Spencer, the first italian that swim 100m free style in less than one minute. "Furthermore, the comparison can be done because... today I'm 140 kilos, but in the past I was 90 kilos, as Vieri is today.
Terence was cunning, agile, clever, when I came I had to resolve all his troubles. I hope that this view is true even for the italian team: Inzaghi creates spaces and caos with his movements, then Vieri arrives and close the game".
Trinity and his brother Bambino, alias Terence Hill and Bud Spencer act together in 18 movies in a really friendly manner. They tricked in playing card games, they eat beans, in every occasion they went in trouble with their fists and show us their childish soul. "I was the left hand of devil, he was the right one, there was a compensation that even our forwards have. Today I'll see them. A suggestion for them? Be quiet. Anyway, when the referee starts the game, the shivers will go out. Instead of a suggestion, I hope that all the players work together because it's notorious, as in a movie, main actors are really great only if all around was perfect. I've trust because Trapattoni is a true leader".

Article taken from "La Gazzetta dello sport", Saturday, 8th June, 2002 - 3rd page