Terence's Message
Gubbio, Saturday, January 17th, 2004

Today the weather was terrible, so the cast and crew had to film in the pouring rain. "The forecasts were that it would get worse this afternoon", explained the location director Paolo Salciarini, "That's why we're filming all the external shots now". Luckily the first scene for Terence is filmed under the loggia of Piazza Quaranta Martiri where we are protected from the rain, but it is bitterly cold. Terence, who is dressed lightly with the usual cotton shirt under his cassock and a black pullover, does not appear to suffer from the cold. "I prefer the cold to heat", he told me. The scene is filmed: Don Matteo helps a couple look for their lost child. The next scenes are the continuation of the search in the square and in the streets in the center, but the rain is too heavy, so the cast and crew have to take a break. Terence, Simone and I, take advantage of the break to go into a bar to warm up. Terence orders a hot chocolate, but we have nothing because we have to talk. First we give Terence the latest guest-book, and Terence immediately asks me: "Could you write on the site that I sincerely thank all the fans who write these beautiful messages of thanks and affection. I enjoy them very much and I read them with joy. My only regret is that I can't answer every one of them individually. There are so many and I, as you know, have so little free time. However, I do hope they continue to write to me; I'm interested in hearing about what they think of my work". I told him: "Don't worry I'm sure your fans are happy just knowing that you read the messages, and they'll understand".

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Federica and Simone