On 18th October 2001 at the theater in Gubbio took place the Don Matteo 2 premiere. The first two episodes (on italian TV on Sunday 21st October) were shown: "La mela avvelenata" and "Il marchio sulla pelle". During the pause between one episode and the other, the producer, the directors and the actors went on the stage in order to thank Gubbio, who welcomed them and in order to say something about the new adventures of... Don Matteo 2!

From left to right: Nino Frassica, the producer Alessandro Jacchia, Flavio Insinna, Natalie Guetta, Pietro Pulcini, Claudio Ricci, Terence Hill, the directors Leone Pompucci and Andrea Barzini, the mayor of Gubbio Orfeo Goracci.