Bud Spencer rediscovers Terence
NAPLES - Bud Spencer will be the grandfather of Jesus Christ in a TV film for the RAI, and he will play the part of Sancho Panza with Don Chisciotte interpreted by Terence Hill, in a film adaptation of Cervantes' famous story.  These are two of the projects in the works, for Carlo Pedersoli, artist's name, Bud Spencer, who is attending the Sergio Leone Festival now being held in Torella dei Lombardi (Avellino).
"I've written a story for television in which I will play the grandfather of Jesus -- explains Bud Spencer --.  It's a very special script that won over Agostino Sacca, head of fiction at the RAI.  It's a story written in partnership with Lucio De Caro, and it begins with an invented character, the grandfather of Jesus, as a means of telling a story that exists between every grandfather and his grandson."

La Nazione - August 7, 2004