Director Tonino Valerii speaks about the event:

"The film festival Roseto Opera Prima which is dedicated to debuting Italian directors, of which I am the artistic director, will take place at Roseto in Abruzzi from the 13 th till the 24th July.
It is with great pleasure that this year we will celebrate the 10th edition of the festival with Terence Hill, who will be our guest of honour. On the 22nd July, at the Villa Comunale of Roseto Park, he will receive the Golden Rose award , as acknowledgement for a long career as an actor, initiated in the 1950's. I will personally call him on stage , where the initial address will be given by the film critic, Mariapia Fusco, who will speak about Terence's career, afterwhich, the mayor, Franco Di Bonaventura, will hand out the award.
The prize will be a fine gold rose, this year it will be a special rose, infact it will be the one for the 10th anniversary, this one is bigger (almost double) than the ones from previous years and this therefore makes it a unique piece, seeing that it was created by a skilled craftsman especially for this occasion and cannot be copied or reproduced because we hold the copyright.
I am very pleased that this very special and unique award goes to my friend Terence Hill, six years ago, in 1999, Bud Spencer received the award therefore we couldn't leave Terence out!"