Don Matteo is taking a vacation

Behind the curtains, where the noise of the media and gossip are not heard, there are people who are serious about producing for television.  Alessandro Jacchia is one of those people.  After a long service with Lux Vide under Ettore Bernabei where, among other things, he was in charge of the successful series Don Matteo, he's started working for himself.  And with his company, Albatros, he's made, for the big screen, the film "La fiamma sul ghiaccio" (The Flame on the Ice) with Raoul Bova.  Now he's working on a historical mini-series for Mediaset, based on a book by Rudyard Kipling.  And despite all his obligations, he's found time to arrange a coop.  He's signed, always for the RAI, Terence Hill, who let him know he wanted to take a break from the famous priest-detective.  Once said, it was done:  there's already a project, strictly top secret.  As for Don Matteo, the new series is postponed, for now.  But we're certain that after the "vacation", he'll be back pedaling around the streets of Gubbio.

from Famiglia Cristiana n.45 - 7th November 2004