Latest news
On Monday, 29th August, after a break of two weeks, Don Matteo crew came back in Rome to continue the filming of the fifth series with Elisabetta Marchetti as director. Starting from monday, 12th September, filming will continue in Gubbio for four weeks.

  Latest news
On Friday, 29th July 2005 Bud Spencer received the Charlot prize in , in Paestum - Salerno.

  Latest News
On Saturday, 16th July 2005, filming in Gubbio of Don Matteo 5 ended as announced. Giulio Base is the director. Starting from Monday, 18th July crew moves to Rome.

  Latest News
Friday 22nd July 2005, Terence will be awarded by the director Tonino Valerii in the occasion of the 10th edition of the festival Roseto Opera Prima which will take place in Teramo, Abruzzo.

  Filming in Gubbio
Monday 21st June filming began in Gubbio with much celebration and on Thursday 23 June there was a press conference on Don Matteo 5. Filming in Gubbio will finish Saturday 16th July, afterwhich the crew will move to Rome and will return in September.

  Fans Interview 2
Questions from the fans will be collected for an interview with Terence Hill that will appear on this site. Please contribute!

  Don Matteo 5th series
After 4 weeks of filming in Rome, which started the 23rd March 2005, from Monday 20th June the crew will move to Gubbio for about a month.

  Trinity Recount evening
Online there is a recount on the evening organised by fans at Masone - Genoa.

  Latest projects
On Saturday, May 14, shoting of the movie L'uomo che sognava con le aquile ended. A week later, shoting for the fifth series of Don Matteo will begin in Rome.

  The man who dreamt with the eagles
Infos about movie 'L'uomo che sognava con le aquile' are now online.

  Filming in Calabria
Since the end of March fliming of the mini series The man who dreamt with the eagles has been taking place in Calabria. Terence will be busy for 8 weeks in the Aspromonte area, in the small towns of Gerace, Caulonia, Gambarie and Reggio Calabria.

  Latest projects
On Monday, March 21, 2005, filming began in Rome on Terence's new film 'L'uomo che sognava con le aquile' (The Man Who Dreamt With Eagles), and in Gubbio, they're already talking about the next season of 'Don Matteo'.

  Nino Frassica's Book
On Friday, April 1, 2005, the book 'Il Maresciallo Frassica' is released, published by Gremese Publishing, in which Nino Frassica tells behind-the-scene stories from 'Don Matteo'.

  New project
Two articles about Terence's new movie, 'L'uomo che sognava con le aquile'.

  Latest News - Don Matteo DVDs
First two DVDs of Don Matteo series will be released in March by San Paolo. Episodes are Anna, La strategia dello scorpione, Il piccolo angelo and In attesa di giudizio.

Terence has reassured us that Don Matteo does not die in the next series, but will survive the entire series. Filming should begin around June of 2005, and at the moment, Terence is not at work filming anything else.

Terence is a spokesman for a charity calendar, produced by CNA and by the Diocese of La Spezia. All procedes will be used to refurbish a school in the Ivory Coast.

  Sant'Antonio Award
The Sant'Antonio award has been awarded to the TV series Don Matteo, for the wonderful simplicity with which it conveys Christian values. The award will be given to the winners in Padova on the 25th of November. To accept the award will be the director Giulio Base and the actors Flavio Insinna and Milena Miconi.

Terence tells us that he doesn't wish to reveal the nature of the new project because it's still early days yet.

  DM4 Reruns
Starting on Friday, October 29, 2004, Don Matteo 4 is being re-run on RAI-Uno, at 9 p.m.

  Bud Projects
On August 9, 2004, Ermanno Olmi, the director of 'Dietro i paraventi', was awarded at the Festival of Locarno 'Il pardo d'Onore' for his career. Bud Spencer was there with him...

  Bud Projects
Bud Spencer took part in the Sergio Leone Festival held in Torella dei Lombardi by Avellino July 30 to August 6, 2004. During the event he announced a new project he has authored himself, in which he will play the grandfather of Jesus. He also talked about an old project with Terence Hill in which he would play Sancho Panza opposite Terence playing Don Chisciotte. Terence, from the States, told us that he will let us know in october, when he returns to Italy, if he will take on any new projects before filming the fifth series of Don Matteo.

  Globo d'Oro Prize
Saturday, July 3, 2004, Bud Spencer was awarded the 'Globo D'oro Speciale'!!

  Report Goccia d'Oro
The report from Rapolano Terme is now online!

  Goccia d'Oro Prize
On June 19, 2004, Terence will be presented an award at Rapolano Terme (Siena). The Goccia d'oro (A Golden Drop) is being awarded to him in recognition of his offering all his proceeds from the sales of the Don Matteo CD to the Italian Sports Federation for the Disabled.

The Reason for the Award:
Because of the support by Terence Hill in providing a face and voice through Don Matteo to humane values, backed up by this real gesture of support to the world of the handicapped.

The dubbing for Don Matteo 4 is almost finished. This evening, in Rome, was the wrap-party. During the dinner, the producer, Luca Bernabei, officially announced the decision by Lux Vide to film a fifth series starting early in 2005.

From today, Monday, April 5, 2004, the cast and crew return to Rome for the last week of filming on Don Matteo 4, under the direction of Giulio Base.

From Monday, March 22, 2004, the cast and crew of Don Matteo 4 are in Gubbio for two weeks.

From Monday, March 1, 2004, in Rome, the direction switches again to Giulio Base who will finish filming the last four episodes of the fourth series.

  Don Matteo 4
Don Matteo 4's premiere has been moved to Thursday, February 19 (not the 6th, as the newspapers are reporting), as always on Raiuno at 21.00. In the new series the number of episodes is 24 instead of 16, shown over twelve evenings.

From today, January 26, 2004, the fans-club forum is on line. We invite everyone to use the forum for questions and stories, leaving the guest-book only for messages directed at Terence or for comments about this site. We ask this because the guest-book is delivered directly to Terence. Terence is also, of course, kept up-to-date on all site developments.

  ...from Terence
Saturday, January 17, 2004. On receipt of the latest guest-book, Terence asked us to issue a statement to all his fans.

  A prize to Bud
Friday, January 9, 2004, Bud Spencer was awarded a Capri Hollywood prize.

From today, Wednesday, January 7, 2004, the cast and crew of Don Matteo 4 return to film in the studios in Rome. From Monday, January 12, they will film in Gubbio for two weeks.

Today, December 25, 2003, Raiuno aired a trailer for Don Matteo 4 announcing, surprisingly, that it will begin airing in February 2004!

Today, November 16, 2003, the site has been divided into three in preparation of an expansion of the information on Terence Hill's entire career.

  Cantando dietro i paraventi
On Friday (October 17, 2003) in Milan, and Sunday (October 19) in Rome there were premières of a new film with Bud Spencer. The official opening of the film in Italy is on Friday, October 24. The film is by Ermanno Olmi, and called 'Cantando dietro i paraventi', in which Bud appears using his real name: Carlo Pedersoli.

Starting on Monday, October the 6th 2003, Don Matteo 4 filming continues in Rome

On Monday, September 8, the Don Matteo cast and crew returned to film in Gubbio, under the direction of Andrea Barzini. They are to film there for four weeks.

On Wednesday, July 2nd, the filming of Don Matteo moves to Ussita - Visso, for filming in the Ice Palace. The week after that, they are in Narni, and then they head to Rome until the end of August, to film the interior scenes on a sound stage. They plan to return to Gubbio by the beginning of September.

On saturday, June 28th, Pietro Biraschi, the Stills Photographer for 'Don Matteo', will have a photographic exhibition in Gubbio to coincide with the release of the 'Don Matteo' book. With the participation of Terence Hill!

Terence donated his services for the campaign 'I make a difference'.

  Don Matteo 4
On Monday, May 26th, 2003, the filming begins in Rome of the fourth series of Don Matteo.

  Football match
On June 10, 2003, there was a football match in Gubbio between Football Playing Actors and Ex-Footballers from Italian Serie A teams. The proceeds went to charity. Special guests: Terence Hill and Pamela Prati.

The new Fans Club pages are online.

  The Book
September 2003 is the expected release date in Italy of a new book dedicated to the famous couple of Italian cinema.
The title: ...Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo! Guida al cinema di Bud Spencer e Terence Hill (Watch Out We're Mad! Guide to the films of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill). Published by Cinetecnica.
The book includes a very interesting interview with Francesco Scardamaglia, the co-author of the screenplay for '...Watch Out We're Mad!'.

  Spot A.IT.A.
Beginning this week, an advertisement Terence made for the Italian Aphasia Association (A.IT.A) will air on all RAI channels.

Work on Don Matteo's fourth series has begun at Lux Vide. The date for the beginning of filming has not been decided yet.

In the 2003 Carabinieri calendar, October is the month devoted to Don Matteo.

Terence's Interview made in Perugia on Saturday, 15th June, 2002, during the meeting in the S.Cecilia Auditorium, is online.
You can find the official site of Don Matteo:

  DM's Book
The first book about Don Matteo's adventures was released in all 'San Paolo' editions bookshops. It is drawn by two episodes of the first series: 'The scorpion's strategy' and 'The ancient rose'.

  A prize to Bud
Bud Spencer will receive the carreer prize from 'Capri-Hollywood'.

  Don Matteo 3
Starting on Friday, September the 27th 2002, for eight weeks, sixteen new episodes of 'Don Matteo 3' will be telecast on Raiuno at 20.55.

The filming of 'Don Matteo 3' is over. The director Andrea Barzini has come back in order to film the last four episodes.

The site is now available in german.

Terence Hill has won the prize as best actor for 'Don Matteo' at the 42nd International Festival of Television in Montecarlo. At the presence of prince Albert, Alessandro Jacchia (Lux Vide), producer of the fiction, has been awarded too.

  Meeting in Perugia
On saturday, 15th June 2002, at the Auditorium S.Cecilia in Perugia Terence will spoke about his career.

The new pages of the Terence's site are now online!

Terence and Bud are interested in the football worldcup too, read what Bud has said before the match Italy-Croatia played on 9th June, 2002!

Terence has released an interview for the shipping of 'My name is Nobody', 'They call me Trinity' and 'Trinity is still my name!' DVDs that will be released soon for the english market.

  DM2 Reruns
Since 14th June, 2002 the episodes of Don Matteo will be broadcasted, for the second time, by the italian network Rai Uno.

Exclusively in this site it's possible to buy videotapes of 'Segreti dal set', an italian TV program about Don Matteo, the third series, and produced by Teleradiogubbio.

Leone Pompucci substitutes Andrea Barzini in the direction of 'Don Matteo 3'.

The Don Matteo's website is now available in its english translation.

Terence has been interviewed by a japanese producer because of the imminent release of My name is Nobody's DVD for the japanese market.

Terence and Nino have promoted an Unitalsi initiative.

Don Matteo 2 runs for winning the 'Telegatto', an italian prize for television productions.

  The Book
On February 2002 the book 'Bud Spencer & Terence Hill' has been published by Gremese Editore. It's an interesting work, even if contains some inexact informations.

  3rd Series
The filming of Don Matteo 3 is started on 10th December 2001. It's directed by Enrico Oldoini and, since March, by Andrea Barzini. The works will continue until the end of July.

The Official Web Site of Terence Hill opens! The first pages are all dedicated to his last character, the priest-detective Don Matteo.
At last Terence Hill has his official website!

The 'Don Matteo 2' premiere took place in Gubbio on 18th October 2001.

Some pictures show Terence Hill visiting a photo exhibition by Pietro Biraschi, Don Matteo's scene photographer.

  The Tree
A great act of gratitude and affection that citizenship of Gubbio give at Terence when, in 1998, he's been invited to turn on the Christmas Tree designed on slopes of the Ingino's hill.

  The Certificate
Here is how Terence has got a Certificate......... a really special one!